In the Classroom

  • Arts Quad trees

    Students tag Arts Quad trees, touting their benefits

    Craig Cramer Bookmark 
    Students placed price tags on about 80 trees April 18 to demonstrate the dollar value of the ecosystem services the trees provide, such as energy savings and intercepting storm water runoff.
  • Allen Jiang

    Junior Allen Jiang wins 2017 Goldwater Scholarship

    Tom Fleischman Bookmark 
    Allen Jiang '18, a chemical engineering major from Redmond, Washington, has won a 2017 Goldwater Scholarship, which recognizes top undergraduates in mathematics, the natural sciences and engineering.
  • Data science

    Student-led course sparks interest in data science

    The Cornell Data Science Training Program is a 12-week, one-credit unofficial course offered through the Cornell Data Science project team and run by students.
  • Max Zhang

    Engineer Max Zhang awarded Engaged Scholar Prize

    Tom Fleischman Bookmark 
    Max Zhang, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is the winner of the second annual Engaged Scholar Prize, which recognizes community-based teaching, learning and research.
  • Harry Greene

    Harry Greene explains how to 'walk the Tree of Life'

    Linda B. Glaser Bookmark 
    Some Cornell classes are adopting the "Tree of Life" classification system, which explains the diversity of life by matching and mapping relationships on a branching diagram.
  • celebrating Match Day 2017

    Weill Cornell Medicine celebrates Match Day 2017

    Kathryn Inman and Alyssa Sunkin-Strube Bookmark 
    Weill Cornell Medicine celebrated one of its best Match Days ever March 17, with 100 percent of the graduating medical students matching to residency positions - the next three to seven years of their medical careers.
  • oblivion postcard

    Film explores student work at Polish estate, family's Jewish roots

    In the documentary "Reversing Oblivion," screening on campus March 21, filmmaker Ann Michel '77 searches for her roots as architecture students help reimagine her family's farm estate in Poland.
  • Online learning

    Online course creators meet and share experiences

    Bill Steele Bookmark 
    The Cornell Online Learning Community offers "any study to any person, anytime, anywhere" -including on campus. Educators gathered March 7 to share their experiences.
  • Drew Harvell with coral

    New environment and sustainability major approved

    Linda B. Glaser Bookmark 
    The new major in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences was approved March 8 by the Cornell Faculty Senate and, pending state approval, will launch in fall 2018.
  • Pinch and Belongie

    'Radical collaboration' through machine learning

    Joe Wilensky Bookmark 
    Trevor Pinch, the Goldwin Smith Professor of Science and Technology Studies, spent the fall 2016 semester on sabbatical at Cornell Tech in New York City, where he began collaborating with Serge Belongie, professor of computer science at Cornell Tech.