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Big Red Bear with alumnus on Wall Street

Cornell Giving Day raises nearly $7M for colleges and units

By Kate Klein

On its first-ever Giving Day, March 25, the university received donations from more than 9,600 people totaling $6.97 million dollars. The gifts, mostly made online, came from people in every U.S. state and 52 countries on six continents.


William Bialek: A Physicist's View of Life

Dragon head
dragon prep
dragon prep
dragon prep
dragon prep
pny tails
aap costumes
dragon prep
green lights and students
viking costume
monopoly board costume
girls face
silhouette costume
dragon security
students with white painted faces
dragon baby on shoulders
dragon costumes
dragon parade
people taking pictures
inside dragon
screaming in costume
royals cut out head
dragon parade
girls yelling
students yelling
parade on quad
parade girl waving hands
girls in pastels
parade revelers singing
students kissing dragon

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