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Joseph Burns

Eye-popping, mind-expanding scenes of science

By H. Roger Segelken

At “Illuminating Images: A First Step to Scientific Discovery,” a panel of Cornell faculty and alumni illustrated how images help further scientific study as part of Charter Day Weekend April 25 at Barton Hall.


Former ambassador addresses strains in U.S.-Russia relations

woman's silhouette at law school
Kohrherr speaks at panel
Three women in a picture frame
Five students pitch business idea
David Moriah holding flowers
Hand reaching into paper bag
Susanne Bruyere talks with students at white board
Moot Court board pose for photo
Jack Elliott with tree sculpture
Hubbell cuts cake
Kid doing math problem
students listen to lecture
Trio in blue shirts talking with kids
Student looking out Sage Hall reading room
Virginia Raymond speak at panel
Students on set with green screen
Student speaks at Model UN

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